7 Tips for Speaking to Your Children About COVID-19

7 Tips for Speaking to Your Children About COVID-19

7 Tips for Speaking to Your Children About COVID-19

Amidst the current circumstances surrounding the spread of COVID-19, children could be negatively affected and may feel worried or confused. Children receive information from various sources, including from what people around them are saying, the media and the online community, and it might be challenging for them to go through this input and fully grasp it. Therefore, we have collected a few recommendations that could help you in speaking to your children about COVID-19:

1 – Ask your children what they know, how they feel and give them the space to express themselves freely. Listen to them and find out what they want to know more about. Knowing what your children already know will be useful in deepening their knowledge and building on it

2 – Try not to minimize or dismiss any fears that your children may have. It’s important to take their words seriously. Also reassure them that it is normal to feel worried during these times and make sure they know to come to you whenever they want to talk

3 – Speak openly and honestly with your child and try to adapt the language for children. If you are unaware of an answer to a certain question, refer to trusted sources such as the UNICEF, the Egyptian Ministry of Health or the World Health Organization

4 – If your child knows anyone who has contracted COVID-19, try to put things into context and calming them by reminding them that most people experience a mild form of the disease and that we are all following the guidelines to protect ourselves and others, and that experts all over the world are working hard to find a solution to this situation

5 – Explain to your child how they can protect themselves and others. This could be a good opportunity to solidify basic hygiene and prevention behaviors

6 – Remind your child that we are collectively going through challenging times and that we should support each other and spread kindness

7 – Try to be a role model by protecting your physical and mental health so that you can support yourself and those around you

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