8 Tips for Protecting Mental Health During Coronavirus Outbreak

Protecting Mental Health Coronavirus

8 Tips for Protecting Mental Health During Coronavirus Outbreak

8 Tips for Protecting Mental Health During Coronavirus Outbreak

We are currently undergoing exceptional times with the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, which could have a negative impact on our wellbeing and mental health and thereby affect our general health. It is therefore very important to maintain our mental health during these difficult times.

We have gathered some guidance that could be helpful:

1 – Try to avoid checking the news multiple times a day and limit yourself to once or twice a day

2 – Ensure you are getting your news from trusted sources such as the Egyptian Ministry of Health or the World Health Organization to avoid unnecessary worries and so you can follow the appropriate recommendations

3 – Getting adequate sleep is very important for your protecting mental health and wellbeing and supports your entire body in carrying out its’ functions

4 – Set a routine for your daily activities to help you stay on track and avoid boredom

5 – Try to exercise regularly if possible to support your own well-being. This could be done through walking outdoors or home exercises.

6 – During these times we also tend to feel more lonely or anxious. It’s important to check in with our loved ones and have someone with whom we can speak openly

7 – Check in on the elderly and anyone unable to see others so we can support each other during this pandemic

8 – If your feelings of anxiety, depression or loneliness are increasing, it is important to reach out to mental health professionals. There are many solutions that allow for talking remotely while still protecting your privacy

Mental Health Services:

The Ministry of Health and Population has set up a hotline to support citizens with their mental health during this pandemic at 08008880700 or 0220816831

Call us at 15070 to get 15% off mental health consultations at www.shezlong.com

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