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About Wayak

About Us: The idea for founding Wayak came from a negative personal experience. Back in 2016, the mother of the founder of the company was exposed to a serious chronic condition.

She was old in age, so the founder of Wayak had to accompany her every time to visit a doctor or specialist, and wait long periods in uncomfortable hospital and clinic receptions until it was her turn to see the doctor.

And while many of these visits could have been avoided if there was the option of consulting a doctor remotely back then.

Not only that, but every time she visited the specialist, she was asked about her medical history as if it were her first visit.

Additionally, the cost of lab tests, x-rays and scans, and medical examinations, as well as the monthly medication prescribed to her, were far too high for a 65-year-old retiree

As they say, creative ideas come from bad personal experiences and resentments; Indeed, frustrated by his mother’s experience, the founder of the company decided to establish Wayak in order to simplify health services and help everyone avoid similar situations, particularly those suffering from chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, chronic kidney disease, heart disease, cancer, stroke, rheumatoid and arthritis.

And after only three years of founding Wayak, more than 100,000 customers in Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, and Mansoura now enjoy the benefits of Wayak Card including in-home medical consultations, home delivery of monthly medicines, discounts at top laboratories and medical centers in Egypt such as Al Mokhtabar Labs, Al Borg Labs, Al Borg Scan, Nile Scan & Labs, Cleopatra Hospitals Group, and Dawi Clinics, and we still have a long way to go. We now also provide a personal electronic medical record to our valued customers, which includes a summary of your health condition and personal recommendations from our certified doctors, with the goal of helping you take better care of your health

We strongly believe in the famous Arabic saying “Prevention is better than cure,” and we want to help you avoid any health-related hassles and challenges, regardless of your age or your medical condition and financial situation.

If you are an existing customer, we thank you for choosing Wayak, and if you haven’t tried our services, we hope that you do soon and you will not regret it.

Wishing everyone good health and happiness!

Did you know? You can now get your Wayak E-card through the new Wayak App, and order and schedule your medications with just one click. Download the App now on your Android or iOS device